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Biomass Construction Update:
An In-depth Look at Four Recent Projects

Recorded: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 | 1:00 PM CDT

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The positive growth of the bioenergy industry is most evident on the construction sites of the numerous biomass-to-energy projects across North America. The companies behind these projects successfully navigated the precarious web of project financing and have reached significant stages of construction. The following companies will provide progress reports on the construction of their respective biomass power, biogas, and advanced biofuel plants.

    is building a stand-alone biomass power facility that will supply heat to their adjacent paper mill while providing 20 MW of power to the regional grid.
  • GreenWhey Energy
    is building a 3.2 MW CHP plant that will utilize waste water from dairies in the area, producing clean energy while relieving a dairy waste stream.
  • WB Services
    is building an advanced biodiesel production facility that will produce an ASTM certified diesel “drop in” fuel from fat, oil, and grease.
  • Ontario Power Generation
    is building a 211 MW biomass power plant in Atikokan, Ontario that, once operational, will be the single largest biomass power facility in North America.
The presenters will highlight on-site accomplishments and touch on obstacles and the creative solutions applied that allowed construction of their projects to forge ahead. There are keys to success for bioenergy projects that attendees to this webinar will be offered. Join the webinar to learn where each of the projects is in construction and discover the strategies that lead to success on bioenergy construction sites.

Steven Johnson
Manager Technical Services, NPI USA Co-Generation Facility
  Tom Ludy
President, GreenWhey Energy
  Ron Beemiller
President, WB Services
  Brent Boyko
Station Manager, Ontario Power Generation, Inc.

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